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House for sale in bangalore

Don’t buy a house in Bangalore without this checklist

Bangalore is an excellent destination for investment. When people are moving towards apartments, you can buy house in Bangalore without getting into the hassles of compact living space. An individual gives you the freedom to design your home and choose other features. But just before you start your investment in a house, run through this checklist to prevent future hassles.

Hire a lawyer

Well, it’s a great idea to decide to buy a house in Bangalore. But you need to understand that there are many relevant documents you have to go through and check for loopholes. A lawyer will be helpful for you to deal with the approvals that needed from the municipal corporation and other occupational certification. A lawyer will also be able to determine the resale value of the house with accuracy.

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Estimation cost of the ownership

House for sale in Bangalore is quite common, but still, you have to remember that the price of the house is different from the overall cost of the house. The additional cost includes parking charges, furnishing, and registration and stamp duty. All these charges add 5-20 % off the price of the home. Just before buying a house, do realize that you have to take care of other things like maintenance charges, property tax and renovation charges. However, it is important to run a check on the estimation charges and plan how you are going to manage the budget.

Profile of your home

Most of the people prefer individual house for rent in Bangalore instead of apartments. If you are going to invest in the home, make sure that it has high commutation value. If you are planning to rent your house for tenants, the house needs to in the heart location where there are high accessibilities of all necessary utilities like a hospital, grocery stores, deliveries and schools. Depending upon your need and budget invest in a house with all necessities. With the high value, you can also offer your home for lease in Bangalore with good profit margins

Find the average price of your home

Individual house for sale in Bangalore is treny because people are looking for a private home experience instead of jam-packed apartments. When you are investing in a house, do check with the average range of price of the other homes in the neighbourhood. Try to communicate with 2 to 3 neighbours and get to know the costs of the house in that particular area. The possibility you can find the range of 5 to 10 per cent difference in the price range in homes based on the construction and extra configurations. But, still, you will be able to get a perspective of the price range and the value of the homes in that particular area.

Are you buying a house in gateway community?

Do you prefer the gateway community? Well, it is the right decision as an individual house in gateway community offers quite a lot of sophistication features like gym, retail stores, swimming pool and other essential utilities along with security. If you are planning to invest in a gateway community house, you can visit the already delivered homes and run checks on the quality of the construction. It’s advisable to consult with the occupants about the developer details and construction plans. It will undoubtedly help you out to check out the society amiability.

Commutation and traffic in the area

Connectivity is another important factor you have to consider after location. You cannot buy a plot with very less accessibility or space with high traffic. Do look for the connectivity options like railway station, bus stops, airports and other modes of transport. On the other hand, high traffic in peak time can also ruin up your whole commutation activity. So seek localities with low traffic risks where the professionals will be able to guide you to find the right location with excellent accessibility and moderate traffic. You can check the traffic by driving by the area at peak times during the different days of the week.

Property insurance and tax planning

Property insurance safeguards your house from any dangerous situations in future. The insurance comes with relatively low cost and provides excellent coverage for the property title or other damages or any legal issues. There are different insurance plans you can choose where it offers different levels of protection for your house as it makes a whole lot of house management more effortless. Don’t confuse tax planning with tax avoidance. You can claim tax benefits on the principal and interest components while you are going for loan options. To pay the loan more manageable, you can go for a couple loans.

Investing in homes in Bangalore is the best decision you can ever take. Just before you invest do look for the above checklist that will help your investment process more hassle-free.

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