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Office space in bangalore

Time to look for these things before you start your office space hunt in Bangalore

Are you looking for office space in Bangalore? I hope it’s the daring thing you have ever done before. While your business is catching its spark, an office space becomes an inevitable component to be taken care. Of course, opening up your office in Bangalore has a high chance of maximizing the productivity of your team and also builds confidence and strength in your team. Bangalore is one of the beautiful cities in the world with the miraculous boom of IT industry. Now let’s look into the details you have to consider before you go for office space for rent in Bangalore.

Location matters a lot

Bangalore is a great city with easy accessibility and commutation. Some of the places that are highly popular for office space are Whitefield, Ulsoor, Koramangala, Ecoworld, Yehlanka, Residency Road and Indiranagar. The easily accessible location generally comes with a high cost. You need to bring in a balance between your budget and your office convenience Bangalore is a highly available area with all metro stations and bus stops. Do look for all these conveniences.

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Terms and Agreement

When you come across office space for rent in Bangalore, do look for the agreements and term of stay. You can lease office spaces for a minimum one year to a maximum of 10 years. Well, you have leased office space for seven years, but what will you do if the office space doesn’t meet up your needs? Hence look for flexible landlords who accept to provide you with a shorter lease agreement.

What is the risk behind renting large workings space?

There is one crucial factor to consider before renting an office space in Bangalore. Do realize that large working space comes with huge maintenance charges in addition to the rent. Hence it is wiser to look for compact office space that suits your business with basic amenities like parking, utilities and affordable maintenance. Do realize that in addition to paying rent for your office, you need to take care of other things like furniture, insurance and taxes. So be firm to look for a place that suits all your needs at affordable budgets.

Don’t rent an office space without checking out these things

If you look closer, you can find numerous availability of office spaces for sale in Bangalore. Just before you rent any office space, be careful to look for the loopholes. It’s essential to look for the paper works. It can turn complicated if you don’t give a closer look at them. Just before renting an office space look for the registration certificates. In addition to this, you need to look for the property tax receipts, a clearance certificate from the government and all the transfer documents. It can be a big shock to you if you find any loopholes in the records after investing in office space. Hence prevention is better than cure.

Look for the office layout in addition to space

It is not an easy to find your perfect office space. Two different offices with 50000 square feet aren’t the same. The layout plays a vital role in deciding the sufficient space. Look for the space plan, how the layout is made in a round or angles corners. Make sure that the layouts choose one that comes with your space collaboration. If you are looking for enclosed offices with more privacy cabins, then select the layout accordingly.

Renting or investing in an office space in Bangalore isn’t an easy game. The perfect office space can be a game changer to your business. So, look for the priority mentioned above factors while you pick your working space.

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