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Plots for sale in bangalore

What are the things to watch for before buying a plot in Bangalore?

Are you planning to buy a plot in a cosmopolitan city where the land value is increasing like wildfire? Well, buying land in Bangalore is the best investment you can ever do. There is a famous saying that says not to wait for buying lands. So wisely plan a spot and buy plots in Bangalore before it becomes too late. Just before purchasing a land do look for various venues and its commercial value before getting started with the process.
Bangalore is turning into a golden hub for the real estate investors due to its assured land value and consistent rental income. The plots are not just restricted to the residential purpose, but the needs for a plot for the commercial needs such as IT sectors are only increasing than ever before.

What to check before you buy a plot?

You cannot right away jump for the purchase of the land once come across the board “Plots for sale in Bangalore”. For wiser investment look for the commercial land value and never forget to look at the ownership and trace the history of all the previous owners and look for discrepancies. Check revenue records of the plot along with the original title deed.

Watch out for the encumbrance certificate which states that the land is free of any mortgage or dept. from any third party holders. It will help you out to make sure that your land is safe to buy.

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Do you know about DC converted lands?

You may buy a plot in Bangalore for residential purpose or commercial purpose. Do you know one thing, all lands in Karnataka are considered to be agricultural land? Hence every land needs to be converted into non – agricultural lands before you start up with the construction process. The agricultural converted land is named as DC translated area where the land value gets increased once your construction process gets over.


Buying a plot in Bangalore is a dream for many. Do realise the reason for investing in plots in Bangalore. If it is for commercial purpose, you need to check for the hot spots in Bangalore like Whitefield and other central areas of Bangalore. If you are looking for a residential space, do check for the accessibilities, transport mediums and hospital medium. Bangalore has a sound commutation system with metro trains and highly connective bus routes. Hence bringing in a balance between your budget and location where you can find all the accessibility features. You can try to look for plots in areas like Hennur road, Devanahalli, Yelanhanka, Sadashivanagar and Whitfield.


Buy plots in Bangalore with proper paperwork and legal agreement. Khata translates into “ account’. The Khata land comes under the BBMP jurisdiction where the owners of the lands are required to pay property tax. You need to look for A Khata certificates that claim that the owner has paid all the land tax properly with no dues. Checking out with the Khata certificate helps you in avoiding future taxation risks in future.

Buy plot in Bangalore keeping in mind of all the above discussed- relevant certifications and records. It’s a great decision to invest in lands, but still, you need to firm with your budget and needs. Any land without proper legal agreements can end up into risks in future. Hence, look far beyond your horizon and pick plots that have good accessibility and resale value in future. The higher the demand, the more profit you can have through investing in plots in Bangalore.

I hope my article would have guided you to have a clear vision of what to look for during your plot hunt in Bangalore.

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